Friday, November 25, 2016

Be Thankful With Action

Good afternoon readers,

I hope y'all had a thanksgiving full of feast and good company.

While this holiday was founded on fallacy, the tradition of being thankful for your blessings is warm enough still. One thing I and many others are thankful for are our brothers and sisters fighting on the front lines in North Dakota to preserve their rightful land and stop the rape of their land and water by greedy corporations and vile, corrupt law enforcement. If you, like myself, are unable to join them but still wish to take action, please see the phone numbers posted below. The gross neglect of our elected officials and rampant abuse by law enforcement should not be tolerated and it is up to us to let them know. This is one small way we can stand in solidarity with Standing Rock and I strongly urge you to reach out and be heard. This little ragtag list was posted by a dear friend of mine and I hope we can all utilize it.

ND Office of the Governor: 701-328-2200.

Morton County Sheriff's Department:
701-328-8118 & 701-667-3330.

ND National Guard: 701-333-2000

202-224-2043 call the senator of North Dakota

202-456-1111 Obama

Give thanks with action, and as always,

Stay Deviant

Indigent Wench

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