Friday, November 18, 2016

Hello, Lovely Degenerates

Good evening to all of my fellow indecent ladies and gents. I'd like to introduce myself to you if you have a moment. My name is Indigent Wench, and as you may have guessed, like many of you out there, I'm just your average broke lady with a penchant for unseemly behavior.

I take particular pride in this because today's standard of deviancy is equivocal to what once would have been the "nice guy" shtick in the days of my youth. I remember a not-too-distant past in which a man or a woman mistreating another, whether it be because of the color of their skin or because of who they chose to warm their bed, was not only intolerable, it was punishable, and those who saw fit to defend the helpless were encouraged to champion for their fellow man. To stand up for those that were knocked down because of who they worshipped or didn't was an admirable trait that inspired tolerance and bravery in others. Demonstrating empathy to those who were dealt a lesser hand was to be commended and encouraged, because after all, we're all in this crazy life together and it hurts you not one lick to make the lives of your fellow humans just a little bit easier.

I'm sure you've noticed, of course, that tolerance seems to have become a stain on the cookie-cutter life of some of the most privileged among us. Some of the most powerful men and women in our great nation have taken personal offense to the livelihood of people whose personal choices affect them in absolutely no way. Because these, ahem, "people" (I use that in the loosest of manners) are not only typically wealthy but ever present on screen and in written word, they have a large following that emulates their rancid behavior and, as it stands now with half of our country, decency is the new deviant.

So why am I here, you ask? Well, to put it in the simplest terms...I'm sick of their shit, y'all. Like many of you out there, I'm a simple woman. I just want to take care of my kids and send them off into a world that's not ruled by hate and governed by fear. I want to see my Muslim neighbor walk her children to the bus stop without wondering if she's going to make it back home okay. I want to be secure in the knowledge that every time hate rears it's ugly head, the world will unite and send it back to it's proper place, that rock it crawled out from under. I don't want to see it move into the white house. Do I expect to move mountains with our humble little blog here? No, I don't. But if we can reach even one person, then perhaps they can too, and maybe, just maybe, we can stand strong against the tidal wave we're about to be hit with.

Well, that's enough about me. If anyone wanders into our neck of the woods, I would ask you to tell me about you and what makes you tick. Remember, I don't care about your politics; I have no judgments to give, only questions to ask to better understand what makes you feel the way you do. In the meantime I can't wait to get to work on our little blog, but until then, I look forward to hearing  from you.

Stay deviant loves.

Indigent Wench

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