Thursday, November 17, 2016

I'm Entitled and That's Okay

Hey there! I'm an engaged late twenties, post party-girl who traded black out nights for political activism. I'm almost militantly far left leaning, more democratic socialist than I am a democrat.
I gave up hard drinking nights for the Occupy Movement five years ago and the joy of activism sparked a fire in me I'll probably never be able to put out.

2016 has been a year I'll forever want to bleach from my memory. I suppose, though, it has inspired an activism spark for others who didn't know they felt anything this passionately  before.

As you can guess from that top paragraph, I was a big fan of Bernie Sanders. To a point that in my personal life I jokingly (yes, jokingly, sure....) refer to him as Daddy. This was the first election I ever voted in the Primary, the first time I found a candidate I could get behind with my heart and soul. And he was defeated by a well paid,  well practiced crooked political machine.

After Daddy's devastating loss, I got on the "well, I guess, I'm with her, now" train. I'm not going to abandon the political party who's platform I most identify with. However, I was only half heartedly behind Hillary. my heart still broken and anger still boiling at the DNC, but the middle of an election is not the time to try to fight the most well payed for opponent-eating monster.

Held hostage on the "anyone but Trump" boat, I held my nose and voted blue down the ticket. We could fight the Hillary Machine from the outside once she took office.

My heart knew what my brain would never admit, though. And on that fateful November night,  the least qualified political candidate lost to the most experienced. It was disgusting and painful, however predictable. Not everyone will hold their nose and vote like a sick kid taking a nasty medicine.

That pill was too bitter to swallow for some. People voted against their own interests. They voted in spite of, or because of Trump's social views.

I'd like to believe that a large segment of my family and friends are not secretly white nationalists. However, based on the cabinet being appointed, I find my optimism waning.  I can't just sit back and watch the world burn, chucking "I told you sos" to people who only wanted a different kind of candidate. Maybe they didn't see through the false promises, maybe making America great again is going back to a time before business regulations, equality, and when being a racist, sexist, homophobe was acceptable. Regardless, I'm not going to watch this joke of a Presidency without fighting back as much as I can.

So here we are. I'm scared and angry and I'm not ready to give up.

- Entitled Millenial

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