Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Well hell...where do I begin?

I'm a middle aged mom who, until very recently, viewed American politics with a cynical, detached eye. Sure, I knew that most politicians were, at best, crooked, and I would occasionally speak out for change, but I was never quite so disgusted with the process or the people until this election cycle. This time was different. This time there was Trump.

Never before in my lifetime have I seen such an open surge of vile, selfish, smallminded cowards. The moronic racism, the ridiculous homophobia, and the cowardly xenophobia was openly, even proudly, espoused by some of his followers. Do I think everyone who voted for Trump is a racist? No. Some of them are gullible, some lacked information and hope, and some were greedy yet foolish. Outside of that, I'm sure some people voted for him for other reasons. I don't know. I'm trying really hard not to judge, but it's difficult. But we'll discuss that at another time.

What I do think? I think we're at the biggest crossroads America has ever faced. One road contains uncertainty, but the other leads to certain ruin. If we allow Trump and his ignorant minions choose the direction for this country, it will be the end of the nation. Moreover, as a nation, if we allow hatred, bigotry and greed to rule us, we deserve that end.

I'm not ready to give up, though. A lot of people aren't willing to give up. In fact, I'm finding that a lot of people are just like me--Trump et. al. has crossed a line, and we're not going to take it quietly. No, we're not going to start running around waiving guns--that's for the simpleminded. We're going to fight this with the weapons that Trump and his ilk have never been equipped with: common sense, a love of justice, and compassion for our fellow man.

Join us, while we make our country sane again.

~Aberrant Eve

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