Monday, November 21, 2016

The Introduction of the Fourth Reich

Good evening my deviant darlings.

I would like to invite you to sit with me for a moment so I may properly welcome you to the beginning of the Fourth Reich: American Edition.

If you haven’t time to explore the article embedded above, allow me to summarize:

The house has passed a bill that will allow federal contractors to fire or refuse to employ members of the LGBT community based on said contractor’s religion. 

Too succinct? My apologies, I’ve had quite a long day. I’d be happy to explain in greater detail, perhaps with a lovely family story.

There is a man named Roger. Roger votes Republican because he is tired of a third of his paycheck going to anyone but him. Roger truly believes republicans can and will put money back into his pockets because by God he earned it and that’s how it should be. Good on you, Rog!

Rog has a son named Frank. Frank has been working hard as a contractor for years and makes good money doing it. He's an excellent employee, the best in his field, in fact.

 Roger doesn’t know this yet, but Frank, who just married his longtime boyfriend Sam, is about to put a down payment on their first home. While his being gay unsettled Roger about his son, he loves him anyway and is willing to work around it. Frank can’t wait to tell his dad about the new house. What an exciting time!

Or it would be, if Frank hadn’t just been fired because his boss decided that what Frank does in the privacy of his own home is public domain. Sam is in school to finish his engineering degree and has only been working part time. Frank has just realized he can kiss the second half of his deposit goodbye, and must now scramble to find work that will pay the bills in the meantime.

Frank is scared. He has just been blackballed from a great career he excelled at because of the love he shares with his partner. He and Sam are left wondering, if their lively hood can be snatched from them because of somebody else’s religion, what's next? 

Meanwhile, Roger is about to learn that his boy he worked so hard to raise in a “hard work yields fruit” frame of mind has had his own harvest stolen from him by the very people he put in office. Roger is about to feel it personally, because what he felt didn’t concern him before has finally hit home.

Roger, Frank and Sam are, quite obviously, fictional characters. It’s nice to think their story is a fabricated one, but it won’t be for long. Folks, we have a Republican controlled house and senate, and zealots are already flexing their newfound power to let those they consider to be less than them know that their time as equal human beings is coming to an end. With it comes the end of America as she’s meant to be: A land where we are free so long as our choices don’t harm others. Freedom of religion, freedom from religion, freedom to thrive.

Be you Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Agnostic or Atheist, I implore you: Don’t stand quietly to the side when you see legislation that will harm your fellow humans. It may not be about you, but one day, you may be the different one, and you’ll want to know that when hate rears its ugly head and focuses it’s beady eye on you, there’s someone to fight with and for you.

All my love, and remember, stay deviant.
-Indigent Wench

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