Sunday, November 27, 2016

Trump Questions the Legitimacy of his Own Election

In a (not so) surprising turn, Man-Baby Trump is at it again, blasting Twitterites with a digital tantrum of the variety that only The Donald is capable of.

In the last couple of days, Donald Trump has been spotted in the digital wild whining about Jill Stein, calling an attempt at a recount a scam, and taking potshots at Clinton. Now, however, he seems to have confused himself completely, implying that voter fraud was rampant to the tune of millions of illegal votes. That's right, just yesterday Trump was decrying the need for a recount, yet today he acknowledges his own belief that voter fraud occurred.

If Donnie-boy truly believed that 'millions of people' voted illegally, why wouldn't he want a recount? I mean, that's literally an assertion of blatant voter fraud. But, of course, that's not what he meant. As painful as it is to wade into that particular kind of stupid, I think we all know that's not that he meant with his immature tweets.

Donald Trump doesn't want a recount. He really, really doesn't want a recount. And yeah, we know why he doesn't want that recount.

So what is he going to do now? The same thing he always does--spout out an assortment of diversions and false flags that the bulk of his supporters will lap up like mother's milk from his orange-tinted teat. Trump will sow the belief that any voting irregularities are just 'illegals' and 'dead people'. He'll dig his heels in even further, and continue to insult and minimize over half of this nation. Hell, it will probably work, too, because those who might have the power to call him on his BS will refuse to do so, too afraid that they might lose some sort of advantage they may have in his new regime. Next, I fully expect him to use his own voter fraud as leverage to eradicate our right to vote completely. Seriously, it would not surprise me, and it shouldn't surprise anyone else here, either, because if Trump has shown us nothing else, he's shown us that he will do anything to ensure his own wealth and power.

Fortunately, I don't think that the end result will be quite what he expected. I have too much faith in the American people, and none at all in that pathetic little man. I think he has underestimated the decent people of this nation. We may not come at him like a pack of rabid dogs, but we will come at him. He works for us now, and he's pissed us off enough to pay attention.

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